sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2016

I am Portuguese and Proud although...

Yes it is a fact that I am Portuguese and very proud to be so although there are thing that no one can deny about the Portuguese who are in positions of power, they are closed up and selfish they do not share their knowledge and they criticize everything and anything ( I kind of notice the same thing with the English but oh well..) I left Portugal in 2001 when I got married (by gross mistake) and moved to Switzerland, for obvious reasons my marriage did not last and in 2005 I returned to Portugal I survived in Portugal from January 2005 till April 2007 by May the 4rth I was landing in Bristol UK where I was then picked up by heavily pregnant daughter and a friend who had a car which was thanks to her my daughter was able to pick me up at the airport, but lets get to the important facts in 1997 I bought my first car a Renault and in April 2001 I had a horrible accident that completely destroyed my car and the car was taken to the scrap yard no one told me that I had to contact the DVLA and sorn of the car and I also didn't ask about it because I didn't know although I did ask the people who took the car from my hands not only the car but also all it's documentation if I needed to do anything else about the car etc. etc. they said no everything would be sorted by them and I believed them.
Well ūüėĖ10 or 11 years later I start receiving emails from the Portuguese Tax Office saying that I owe them money because of that car !!! I try to contact them but even that is impossible because they have an email to hassle me but do not have an email to which I can respond to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!