sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2015

My unruly all self

I'm not the type of person that Likes to go to beauty salons cause of money shortage but sometimes I eventually pop in to one and it happened a while ago I believe more than a year ago, I still lived in Bridgwater, I piped in to one of these Asian beauty salons to have my eyebrows trimmed and I was gutted that the woman who trimmed my eyebrows would make fun of me right in my face, that put me off of ever going in to any of these joints ever again, the thing I saw her assistant pocket in the cash that some of the client would pay and I remember thinking...' That serves you right you miserable bitch'
Yeah I have scarce and unruly eyebrows and they are becoming grey as I get older but that is part of who I am and yeah I am an unruly person in the whole