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sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2016

I am Portuguese and Proud although...

Yes it is a fact that I am Portuguese and very proud to be so although there are thing that no one can deny about the Portuguese who are in positions of power, they are closed up and selfish they do not share their knowledge and they criticize everything and anything ( I kind of notice the same thing with the English but oh well..) I left Portugal in 2001 when I got married (by gross mistake) and moved to Switzerland, for obvious reasons my marriage did not last and in 2005 I returned to Portugal I survived in Portugal from January 2005 till April 2007 by May the 4rth I was landing in Bristol UK where I was then picked up by heavily pregnant daughter and a friend who had a car which was thanks to her my daughter was able to pick me up at the airport, but lets get to the important facts in 1997 I bought my first car a Renault and in April 2001 I had a horrible accident that completely destroyed my car and the car was taken to the scrap yard no one told me that I had to contact the DVLA and sorn of the car and I also didn't ask about it because I didn't know although I did ask the people who took the car from my hands not only the car but also all it's documentation if I needed to do anything else about the car etc. etc. they said no everything would be sorted by them and I believed them.
Well 😖10 or 11 years later I start receiving emails from the Portuguese Tax Office saying that I owe them money because of that car !!! I try to contact them but even that is impossible because they have an email to hassle me but do not have an email to which I can respond to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2015

My unruly all self

I'm not the type of person that Likes to go to beauty salons cause of money shortage but sometimes I eventually pop in to one and it happened a while ago I believe more than a year ago, I still lived in Bridgwater, I piped in to one of these Asian beauty salons to have my eyebrows trimmed and I was gutted that the woman who trimmed my eyebrows would make fun of me right in my face, that put me off of ever going in to any of these joints ever again, the thing I saw her assistant pocket in the cash that some of the client would pay and I remember thinking...' That serves you right you miserable bitch'
Yeah I have scarce and unruly eyebrows and they are becoming grey as I get older but that is part of who I am and yeah I am an unruly person in the whole

segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

The Real and Natural Beauty

Oprah Winfrey, you are a very beautiful woman, I just found that out and do you want to know how? when I saw your Instagram pictures yeah the ones where you have  no make up on you, that's how I saw how beautiful you really are.

sábado, 5 de julho de 2014

I am so grateful for my beloved daughters

I am so grateful for having my three beautiful daughters even if we are not all on speaking terms.

I can't even imagine the horrible pain and sufferance those mothers have felt when they lost their daughters and further more I can't understand what drives a person to savagely murder two people no matter what the motives may be.

I love animals but not in my home

Yes it's true. Just the simple fact of thinking of having a animal inside my home gives me goosebumps! But please don't get me wrong I love all animals and if I could save all the abused & neglected animals in the world I would.
As I was growing up I remember having dogs we had a small jack Russell and  quite a few German Shepard's/ Alsatian dogs and one Staffordshire Terrier that by the time both my father and brother thought it was a Labrador and I believed it as well, only years after I would realise that my beloved Blackie was in fact a Staffordshire Terrier . Oh yes we had all those dogs and even a tortoise but at different times and spaces, you see, we were always on the move, we would not only move house, city or town, we moved from country to country; why? I don't know the only person who could answer that, would be my father but he never answered. About the Jack Russell, I will always live with this sense of guilt and sorrow for what I did to that dog. I think I was six years old, (+/-) I was alone at home and in the garden there was a pool and that pool was empty, it wasn't a big pool but it was big enough. I remember playing with the dog like, carrying him like a baby or a doll and then just out of the blue I threw the dog in to the empty pool! I was so distressed, I went in the house and grabbed an orange and the biggest knife I could find, held the orange on my left palm and with the knife in my right hand just slashed the orange in half but I ended slashing my hand as well, there was blood all over the place, my parents came home and saw all the havoc me hold my bleeding hand the dog whimpering in pain inside the dammed pool, I was terrified. They asked me how the dog 
Fell in to the pool and I kept saying I didn't know. The dog had broken his leg and must've suffered internal bleeding or something because he died shortly after. I can't even describe the remorse, the guilt and emotional pain that I felt, all the dogs we had ended up being given away to neighbours or to the shelter or even worse dying horrible deaths my beloved Staffordshire terrier was killed by a military jeep by accident in 1979, I only found out in 1982 when my parents came to see me in 
Portugal. In Portugal the person I was living with had a dog called Hurricane, that dog was very aggressive to strangers & even to Js relatives & friends but I caught his affection and we became inseparable.

(Only the photos of the cat are in fact of my lost cat " Fluffy" he went missing in June 2013 all the other photos were downloaded  from the internet) J. Would beat Hurricane very often when he was drunk which was most of the times, he would kick and punch the dogs head that he ended up dying of brain tumour he died with his head placed on  top of my knees as I tried to comfort him by gently patting his head and nose(face) I couldn't stop crying & J. Also cried because in spite of what he did to the dog when he was drunk, he really loved him we buried him in the farm behind the slum where we lived near a pond where I would take him when I took a walk and he loved diving in to that pond we would spend hours over that farm, every time J would beat me the dog would jump in my defence ending up being beaten savagely by J because he would jump to defend me but he would never attack it's master so he would let himself be beaten to protect me. My last pet was a black and white male cat given to me when he was only a baby kitten by an acquaintance, friend of a friend, I lived in a maisonette here in England, Bridgwater Somerset, but I had the most awful neighbours right next door and they would complain and moan just about everything and anything, they hated my cat and one day last year (2013) my cat just disappeared.
That is probably the reason why I do not want pets in my house or my possession I just can not bear the thought of loosing another friend because the only real friends I've had in this life were the pets I had. I stop here because I'm so overwhelmed with grief that I can't write any more I can't stop sobbing just thinking of all those poor animals that suffered God only knows what fates.
Feel free to comment and ask questions, share your story if you've had one